A lot of people think that organic food must be more healthy for you, but don’t really understand what organic good really is or what it means for food to be labeled “organic.” We explain what organic food is and why it may not be the healthiest food for you just because it’s labeled as organic.

I thought I’d share this video to try and alleviate the most common misconception of organic food - that it’s healthier.

At it currently stands, no scientific studies have shown that eating a purely organic diet brings any health benefits whatsoever, although it has been proven that consumers are exposed to fewer pesticides associated with human disease. As the video points out, bad food is bad food regardless of the fact that it’s labelled organic or not.

The real benefit of organic food - which we have robust evidence for - lies in the significantly reduced environmental impact associated with its production. According to the European Commission, organic farming “contributes to the protection of our natural resources, to biodiversity and animal welfare, and […] the development of rural areas.” A study by Cornell in 2005 found that organic crop yields are on par with their non-organic counterparts, whilst requiring about 30% less energy and water and no chemical pesticides to grow. These are compelling reasons for some, myself included, to buy as much organic food as possible. It’s not for my health - at worst, eating organic is equal to eating conventionally-grown foods (from a health point of view).

What I think the video illustrates quite well is that organic food is not for people solely concerned with being healthy. it’s for those trying to reduce their impact on the environment, (where possible) support local agriculture, and avoid large biotech companies with questionable business practices. And for that, organic is unquestionably the way to go.

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